Andréa and Scott
Andréa and Scott

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A little about us...

If you wanted to really know how we met, ask us and we will tell you. For now, we can neither confirm nor deny that any of the following is true.

Our first date was at a haunted hotel. There was a swipe and drinks involved, along with cuddling in cold weather because Scott just wore a t-shirt. It must have been a hit because quickly Andrea started cancelling the other dates she had lined up. After she got strep throat and Scott came to Santa Fe to take care of her, she knew he was just her kind of thoughtful and adventurous.

Then for a few months we tried dating from separate cities. That worked about as well as anyone ever thinks it will, which is to say that it didn't. Scott can still tell you the exact halfway point in the drive from Albuquerque to Santa Fe (it's near Budagers), and knows the sequence of turns and hills in the route. Andrea has blocked it all from her memory; that's how she handles driving.

We were planning on moving in together anyway when Covid hit and sped up everything. While many people were lamenting being stuck at home, we were having fun discovering how each other liked coffee or trying out new margarita recipes because it was 4pm on a furlough Friday.

We moved a few times in there somehow, and even though everything has been stressful, we still managed to keep laughing and find fun in simple things. We have had an incredible supporting cast too numerous to really mention, but you know who you are anyway. Friends that have laughed with us, or even at us, over the past two years have brought us even closer together, and kept us sane.

We are honored and blessed to be able to celebrate this new move in our relationship with all of you.